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¡Buen camino!

Very quiet and comfortable rooms. The living room-kitchen is ideal for meeting other travelers and exchanging experiences. We have the comfort and silence of a good hotel to sleep very well. The kitchen is fully equipped and you can cook at a very low cost

Tenemos cervezas, vino Navarra, botella vino ecológico. Es autoservicio al estilo nórdico.

5€ DISCOUNT FOR PILGRIMS by writing the code PEREGRINO in the Booking process. Introcude the coupon PEREGRINO in the reservation box.

Services for pilgrims

Our house is a mix between a hotel and a country house. Ideal for travellers. Here you can cook. There is a country shop nearby. You can prepare your dinner yourself or we can make it for you.

You can freely use the laundry for hand washing. We also have a washer and dryer. The outdoor clothesline is very spacious.

Pilgrims coming by bike

We have a garage, washing place and tools.

We are bike travelers too.



We're here to help you with any questions or information that comes to mind! 

Phone numbers: +34 660 444 640 / +34 948 54 11 48 +34 660 444 640 & +34 948 54 11 48  

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